The festive season of advent brings excitement to everyone. It has become a season of celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Everywhere we hear the carols, and music. The colorful lights and Christmas trees are feasts to the eyes of everyone. Santa Claus becomes the ‘hero’ for the main aspect the world focuses on is gifts given to friends and families.   In this juncture where majority of the mass seek happiness and excitement in external issues, there is always a small mass of people who really perceive the significance of the meaning of the birth of Jesus, Immanuel God with us. This was realized by Vijayan , Nilani, and their three young girls who live in Australia. Nilani is the daughter of Rev. Mrs. Angela Thambiappa .  For every Christmas they visit Wanni and Jaffna and help people who are less fortunate ones, with gifts and spending Christmas eve with them.

02This year as they celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, they wanted to give gifts for 25 families to start cottage industry which is a small scale industry that can be carried on by the family members. The Centre for Holistic Healing field workers helped them find deserving families. Help was given to start home gardening, poultry, and small shops in the villages.

The three young girls set up a model for the younger generation as each of them took the responsibility of educating two children each who are full orphans who live either with the grandparents or aunts. It was fortunate that the girls though were born and grew up in Australia were able to converse in Tamil. They were able to spend time with their clients and have lunch with them.

All the documents, history of the clients, and other information were given to them with copies at the Centre for Holistic Healing.


Help for Physically Injured and Mentally Traumatized Clients.

‘When you give a Gift with a Difference

you are giving a gift of hope for people  and nature.

You are giving something meaningful.

Something that will not get thrown in the bin.

Something potentially life-changing!

The Centre for Holistic Healing used the same day the 24th of December 2016 to help some of their clients who need physical attention and medical help. The field workers and the counselors of CHH along with the Director selected 20 clients from all over Wanni who have been neglected for various reasons.05

There were 3 young boys who have to do ocular- prosthesis ( glass or marble eyes)  three girls needed immediate psychiatric care, and three amputees who have to undergo further surgery. Some of them needed wheel chairs, clutches for them.

It is apt to mention the story of one of the girls who need marble eye fixed is one of the five children of a widow. During the floods in November 2016, along with the floods,a crocodile had got into their house. They were sleeping on the floor on cement bricks.In the middle of the night the child became the prey of the crocodile. The mother and the sibling had to virtually fight with the crocodile and pull the childs  head out. She lost one of her eyes and the frontal lobe of the brain is damaged.06

07There are hundreds of affected people still struggling to live. Special days and functions pave way to mobilize such events even though it will like a drop of water in the ocean.  We sincerely thank “The Sri Lanka Mission Partnership of the Indiana-Kentucky Conference of the United Church of Christ” for helping these people during the Christmas time. The medical/surgical expenses are covered by their gift.

It is to be noted for the last mobile clinic the medication was bought with the help of the above mentioned organization of theIndiana-Kentucky Conference of the United Church of Christ.069

Reported by: Thaya Thiagarajah