Psycho Social Program

  • Care for the amputees
  • Self-help programmes
  • Empowerment programmes for women
  • Monetary help for orphans mainly for education
  • Special Seminars on challenging  issues
  • Free Medical Mobile Clinics
  • Hospital visits
  • House visits to the home-bound, mainly to the paralyzed and the amputees

Helping the individual and the community to attain a life style which is fulfilling in their own context depends not on just one aspect but involves the life issues as whole. Healing the body, mind, soul and the spirit takes important role. Psychosocial support is an approach to survivours of disaster, catastrophe or violence to foster resilience of communities and individuals. It aims at easing resumption of normal life, facilitate affected people participation to their convalescence and preventing pathological consequences of potentially traumatic situations.

However meeting the needs of the day is as important as the other aspects mentioned above. Poverty, releasing the bottled up negative emotions, mending the broken relationships are equality important to gain a harmonious life.   For a concept to be psychosocial means it relates to one’s psychological development in, and interaction with, a social environment. The individual needs not be fully aware of this relationship with her or his environment.

The centre tries to involve in the ministry of meeting the needs of people on special occasions like the National day of the disable, National women’s day and other important days. For example, the branch of the Centre for Holistic Healing in Vanni area in the North of Sri Lanka was inaugurated on the National day of the Differently Able.  Though we have to be selective in finding the recipients for various reasons the main issue being the funding, we do try to reach out and help the poorest of the poor with monitory help and with other essential things they need to help them stand on their own feet.

Bicycles to the school children who have lost one leg, those who live in the villages which do not have the transport to the schools, wheel chairs to the amputees, water pump, and essential things for the pregnant women etc are some of the important needs of our clients that we were able to meet. Our clients like Chandrachelvan, who has lost his two legs and all ten fingers desperately need a wheel chair which he can handle. The wheel chair with the system like a motor cycle   (of course a three wheeler type will be ideal). Among our clients in the areas we work, there are not less than 10 of them who need such help.

Thanks to our churches who give a helping hand in this ministry .though their contribution is inadequate we appreciate the spirit of sharing their resources for the work of our Lord.  We also thank different organizations and NGOs for helping us in small ways in to help us when we approach them.

We thank God and those who are involved in our ministry to serve the people in need.