She Was My Friend

She Was My Friend

The first day …….

Behind the steel gate of the ‘lunatic rehabilitation centre’
Staggered she with the bare minimum patched attire
Bent down head, exposed breasts, matted stinky hair
Her mouth gaped wide with unceasingly dripping saliva
She was shoved, into the ‘den’ to ‘keep her safe’ and ‘out of danger’

The second day…

The ‘helpers’ and nurses fully involved labouring with her
In the open space, under the hot sun, stark naked she laid
Silent and shameless like a sheep that was before its shearers,
Gave her to be shaved all over ‘to keep her clean’ they said!
The straight long hair on her head and the hair on the pubic sphere!

The third day…

The yelling, fighting, shouting, of the lunatics subdued
At the entrance of the dining hall it was kept, motionless and silent!
A clean white shroud covered it from the top to the bottom
‘She forgot to swallow the food and thus got chocked to death’
The schizophrenics were carefully brainwashed with this funny tale!

Just a few minutes later…

My dear friend dragged me into the dining area
‘Feed me now lest I may starve to death’ she cried!
At the foot of the corpse I opened the box with lunch
The food was really good she said, the rice and the dead chicken
‘If not for the smell of the corpse and the taste of your salty tear drops’ she said


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August 25, 2014

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