‘Ranjana… Ranjana…” the sound of our voices echoed in the hot midday. From nowhere a faithful dog came towards the gate made of sticks, barking furiously. “Puppy wait! Wait!” shouted Ranjana from the hut and started to come towards the gate. Calling her sister for help she was eager to welcome us. Right in the middle was the well, which was uncovered. I shouted at her to be cautious and wait for her sister. Ranjana, was made totally blind by the recent war. “Don’t worry amma, I am used to the place” proudly saying, with the aid of a stick she found her way.

Ranjana has been my client for quite some time. During the war, one bullet found its way from the one side of her forehead and came through the other side, doing its duty wonderfully by blinding both eyes. She had a false left eye and the right eye was totally blind. We had helped her to see the ophthalmologist in Vavuniya hospital, just to satisfy her for we knew from the report that she was 100% blind.

‘So Ranjana, what did the doctor say about the eye sight?’

I asked her with a heavy heart, thinking she would break down!

With the broad smile, she pulled out her false eye ball in her hand

“Oh! The doctor said she was your student. She took extra care of me.

This ‘false eye’ is sure to make my face look good!” she said.

“So should we try another doctor?” my empathy to probe her enthusiasm!

With a hearty laugh she said, “Now that I know the truth, there is no need.

They gave me a white cane too, to move about.”

We sat down on the mat under the tree, had plain tea and a good chat with her. I was happy of my clients’ positive attitude. The false ‘marble eye’ still rolling in her hand made my eyes fountain of tears as we left her.


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September 8, 2014

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