Anpu 23 years

Anpu 23 years

We call him Anpu, which means ‘love’,

Anpu is blind and so is his love!
The shrapnel that sparkled in the battle field
Spared not both the eyes of Anpu
After surviving torture, trauma and pain
In the detention camp as he was young
He determined to marry a young maid
Who too has eyes which are almost blind
The darkness of both of them
Bade good bye, by their new born babe
“How do you feel about your life?”
“Wonderful” he exclaimed.
I have lovely wife,
And my little tiger’s cry
Always makes me smile!
I have a roof above my head
And God too never fails to give me food”

(The family was provided with plastic chairs cooking vessels. They give the chairs and utensils for hire to make their living. The neighbours are very fond of them. They give them a helping hand whenever they need)


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August 25, 2014

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