Ministry Among Women

Women’s Empowerment programmes

  • Vocational training for women
  • Aid to start cottage industry for widows
  • House visits to the pregnant mothers
  • Awareness programmes on issues and crisis faced by women
  • Hostel facility for University students (female)

Empowerment of Women

There are women who have to shoulder the whole responsibility of caring for the amputee husbands, husbands who are paralyzed, children who are amputees and suffering from undernourishment etc. The housing for many of these women are either temporary houses or still in the beginning stages. Economic crisis is another monster which haunts them day and night.

This unresolved grief and stress of living alone leads to variety of psychological as well as physical problem. Our field workers have identified women suffering from psychosomatic disorders like tracheal problems, arthritis, peptic ulcers, skin diseases, and psychological problems like, anxiety disorders,   post traumatic stress disorders, depression, addiction, suicidal tendencies etc. Teenage pregnancy and sexual abuse have also become burning issues now.

Helping them not only to find their lost self esteem but also to heal their wounded psyche, in the Vocational Training Centres, various programmes like sewing and embroidery, handicrafts, rearing livestock, cookery class and other activities are introduced. It is encouraging to know that many have started earning with what they have learnt with the help of their family members.

Our thanks to our helpers who work tirelessly and volunteer for this noble task.

Opportunity for Self Employment of Women

11-7-2014womenIn our context of the aftermath of war, a woman becomes a  change-agent. She has to feed her family, build her business raise her kids and many of them even have to take care of their husbands who are amputees or paralyzed. Though the war in the area is over, the consequence of the war, which we often name as cold war continues. Poverty is the burning problem for many a woman in this area. Especially many young women who had one year training of different skills of vocational training do not have the facilities to earn for themselves as they cannot afford to buy the necessary items like the oven, grinder, utensils, electric cooker, sewing mechains etc for their use.

The Centre for Holistic Healing has started a community centre for women in Murikandy. There are six rooms which have been renovated and equipped with necessary items. Women from the neighbouring villages especially those who got training at the Vocational Training Centres are making use of this centre to earn for their living.

The community centre also provides opportunity for the women to come together, share their stories and experiences and work together. We hope to build this venture in the future so that they can get the inspiration to transform and heal the broken community at large.

Vocational Training Centres in Vanni

Empowering women is one of the important aims of our Centre. Women living in the war torn area of Vanni, especially after undergoing immense trauma and loss, need adjunctive therapies and creative activities to heal their psychic wounds.

The students of the Vocational Training Centres in Jaffna live in a far better situation than those in Vanni. The activities and skills of different handicrafts that are introduced to them not only help them start income generating activities but also help to heal their psychic wounds. It is to be noted that not only the young girls but also women of middle age and widows got benefited.

The certificate awarding ceremony of the two Vocational Centres in Murikandy area and Shalom Nagar area was held on the 1st of February 2014 in the premises of Murikandy CSI church. Mrs Jeyanthi Thanabalasingam, the principal of the Kilinochchi Catholic Convent was invited to be the chief guest. Other dignitaries, pastors, government servants, and the people of the surrounding villages graced the function.

The exhibition of their handicrafts, food stuffs, and different sewing styles were just overwhelming. Mrs. Jeyaranee John, the, wife of Rev. John Devasagayam, who is the area minister Kilinochchi CSI churches,  Mrs. Jeyarani Antony, the co-coordinator for all the Vaocational Training Centes and the Volunteers worked hard to bring this event an ever memorable one. The CHH thank them for their untiring effort to make this event a successful one.

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