The Free Medical Clinic Team of the Centre for Holistic Healing conducted a full day medical clinic in the villages of Korakankattu and Murasumoddai areas of Kilinichchi, on Saturday the 23rd of July 2016. Though the villages fall under the district of Kilinochchi, there is no public transportation to the town where there is a hospital. Thus, these villages were identified for this ministry. More than 700 families live in these villages who have been resettled after the war. Most of the families still live in temporary houses. The housing project has not yet come into effect in these areas. The Medical Camps were held in multipurpose buildings in the villages.

The children were found to be affected by skin diseases, tracheal and lung infection, and asthma. Malnutrition seems to be the biggest problem for the children and the elderly. The area is a farmland and most engaging in farming. However, they still lack the machinery like tractors which they have lost during the war, and thus are unable to carry on their work effectively.

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The medical group was divided into two groups for the first time for the convenience of the people as the villages were far apart. Around 350 patients received medical attention at the camp. The doctors visited the home bound patients as well. Medicines were given free of charge. Those who needed more medical care were referred to the hospitals with the help of the CHH.
The month of August is a long holiday for the schools. Since the parents have gone to the fields, the children were seen wandering around in the village; not being taken care of by the elders or parents. We observed the older siblings bringing the younger ones for the clinics. The counseling students helped them communicate with the doctors. The time paved way for counseling as well.
The doctors’ team rendered their services under the leadership of Dr. Jacobson, consultant pediatrician along with Dr. Nishanthan and Dr. Sayanthan. The nurses from Green Memorial Hospital and those who are doing their Diploma in Counseling were part of the team.
The Rev. John Thevasagayam, his wife, Mrs Jayarani, Mr. Nadarasalingam the supervisor for the Day Care Centres, and Mr. John Ragunathan, the project officer of the Diocese worked hard to make the medical camp a successful one. The coordinator for the Mobile Clinic Mr. Vaiharthanan, a pharmacist, and a former student of the 2nd batch of the Diploma in Counselling coordinated the programme.

The Centre for Holistic Healing thanks all those who helped in this ministry including the communities in the villages where it was held.
Thank You

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