Curriculum of the Course

Dip-in-Counselling-7-1024x768The knowledge of psychology, biology and other important subjects are essential to study the theory of counseling. We adopted the syllabus followed by the University of Sri Lanka for Diploma in Counselling. The curriculum is divided into eight units. The field work is also included in the curriculum.

  • DC 101 – General Psychology
  • DC 102 – Developmental Psychology
  • DC 103 – Social Psychology
  • DC 104 – Psychology of Abnormal Behaviour
  • DC 105 – Counselling Theories
  • DC 106 – Counselling Techniques
  • DC 107 – Counselling Treatment Planning
  • DC 108 – Counselling Skills Development
  • DC 109 – Field-Work Training (main focus group is women and children)

Besides regular lectures which consisted of assignments, seminars and examinations, the students were introduced to Group Discussions, Group Counselling, Case Studies, Role Plays and field exposures.

It is envisaged that some of the successful candidates of the First batch will help the teaching staff with the training of the Second Batch of students who will be chosen shortly.

Field Work

The students were exposed to Field Work in the war affected Vanni Region.  This helped them grapple with issues and psychosocial problems caused by war.  They were able to identify the affected people, especially the ‘limbless’ ones even in the remote and distant areas.  Identification of the limbless pregnant women continues to be a challenging issue.  The scars of war seen in the victimized community gave impetus to the exposure trips. The field trips also gave opportunity to the trainees to receive further assistance and support by the staff to deal with children who are traumatized, limbless and hyperactive.


  • The Rev. Fr. S. Rajanayagam, Director of ‘Ahavolli’
  • Dr Sivathasan, Consultant Psychiatrist
  • The Rev. Sr. Rosemary
  • Dr Denson Jayasooria, University of Malaysia
  • Dr Mrs. Thayalini Thiagarajah, Dirctor, CHH