Celebration of the Festival of Lights

By the Centre for Holistic Healing


The festival of lights was celebrated by the family of the Centre for Holistic Healing on the 10th of December 2016 at the Counselling Centre Hall of the CHH at the Mc. Leod Hospital Inuvil. The elders of the Pleasant Cottages of the Home for the elders,  the students of the Diploma in counseling, the past pupils, the counselors, the staff of CHH, the inmates of Bethel Home for the destitute, the staff of Mc. Leod Hospital and the staff of the Green Memorial Hospital spent the evening together celebrating the Festival of Lights. 

The traditional oil lamp was lit by the Bishop the Rt. Rev. Dr. Daniel S. Thiagarajah, the Director of the  CHH Dr. Thaya Thiagarajah, the coordinator Mrs. Sasrubi, Rev. Dr. D.S. Solomon, and representatives of the elders’home, and  the hospitals. 

2Following the opening prayer done by the Chaplain of the Elders’ Home the Rev. Antony Sawarimuthu, and the Bible reading by the chaplain the Rev. Vasanthakumar chaplain of the Green Memorial hospital the everyone joined in singing the song to honor our mother land,  ( “Thamil Thai Vaalthu”) which has become a regular feature of the Centre for Holistic Healing. One of our children of a client triggered the feeling of the festival by her welcome dance.

The nurses and workers of the elder’s home entertained with Melodious carols composed by them.  It was a joy to see the dance performances of the children of our clients and the staff. The nurses of Green Memorial Hospital too added life to the function with songs.  The highlight of the programme was the drama staged by the CHH counselors and the students.

3 It was based on the sufferings of the people who struggle to find meaning in their life. It reflected the present situation of the Tamils in the North, after the war, being affected by trauma and grief. The acting was very realistic that it brought tears in eyes of the audience. At the end of the drama, the Director Thaya gave a short review of the drama and how to handle grief and find meaning in life.  

8The smiles on the faces of the elders were a witness of the whole function and more than that the gifts they received. All the staff of the CHH family received their gifts. The Vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Sasrubi. After the benediction pronounced by the bishop the bottled up joy during the function, bust out into dance and laughter even among our elders who are above the age of eighties.

The family of the Centre for Holistic Healing