CCFirst Aid Training for the

VTC Students


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  Aims of First Aid

                                                           (Look after yourself first then the casualty)
                 2.PREVENT FURTHER INJURY


The Vocational Training Centre students of the Centre for Holistic Healing were given the First Aid Training by the St. John’s Ambulance Service of Sri Lanka during the last week of January at the CHH centre at Inuvil. Around 50 girls underwent the training enthusiastically.
4The knowledge of first is important for all especially for  women as it can be useful, at home, work place and somewhere it is essential. In Sri Lanka, the number of road accidents, suicidal attempts, and violence in various other forms have increased. In this juncture, it is essential for the people to gain knowledge from minor injuries to major emergencies. Working familiarity with first aid practice can limit injuries sustained by a victim and , in some cases can actually save life.3

In emergency situation where immediate action is needed people , even inexperienced first aider is at a loss to know what to do and what not to do. There are instances that wrong way of doing first aid increases the damage or even take the life of the victim. 5The training included emergency techniques like artificial ventilation, External chest compression and severe bleeding and pressure positions etc. The second step is moving and lifting victims safely. The knowledge of handling breathing difficulties like choking drowning strangulation etc are essential. First aid to  Heart attack, shock, dislocated shoulder, fractures in different places, bites and stings, bites, burns, nose bleeding, dressing, bandages and slings are some of the  important components in the first aid.

Notes for the above mentioned injuries and first aid to them  were given along with training for each student. At the end of the week, a short examination was held and certificates were awarded.We sincerely thank Mr. Selvarajan, the commissioner and Mr. Eesanesan the Assistant commissioner of the St.John’s Ambulance, Sri Lanka for helping the girls and guiding them in the proper way to handle disasters. BeFunky Collagehgg6The Vocational Training Centre girls’ needs were met by Palmyrah Project and the needs of the Pleasant cottages nurses were met by the Indiana-Kentucky conference of UCC.

I thank the coordinator Sasrubi Satheesh and Jeyaranee Antony for organizing this training which has been very useful.

Thaya Thiagarajah