Saturday, May 6th was the day when dreams came true for the Center for Holistic Healing (CHH) with the opening and dedication of two blocks.  The Program Centre was declared open by the Bishop the Rt. Rev. Dr Daniel S. Thiagarajah prior to the opening of the CHH Auditorium by the Director Dr Ms. Thaya Thiagarajah in the midst of CHH staff and well-wishers including the Officers of the JDCSI.

2The Director, CHH gave an outline of the work of the Center.  This was followed by introduction of the new program which begins on 13th May 2017 on “Child Abuse” by the coordinator Ms, Sasrubi Satheesh.  The Diocesan Secretary the Rev. Dr DS Solomon spoke on behalf of the diocese. 3The bishop honored the contractor Mr. Dines and the diocesan Property Officer Mr. John Ragunathan for their dedication in constructing this beautiful structure. 

4The Rev. TH Vsanthakumar, Secretary of the Board for Ministerial Workers proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of the diocese. A fellowship tea was held after the function.6