“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed.

It means the damage never controls our lives”

To live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heavens says Thomas Manson. We give thanks to God for giving us the vision to continue his mission of caring for the humanity to give a fullness of life through the Centre for Holistic Healing of the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India.

Mrs.Dr Thayalini Thiagarajah

Director's Message

Mrs.Dr.Thayalini Thiagarajah


“May Light always surround you;
Hope kindle and rebound you.
May your Hurts turn to Healing;
Your Heart embrace Feeling.
May Wounds become Wisdom;
Every Kindness a Prism.
May Laughter infect you;
Your Passion resurrect you.
May Goodness inspire 
your Deepest Desires.
Through all that you Reach For, 
May your arms Never Tire.” 

― D. Simone


The Evolution of the Centre for Holisitc Healing

To understand the ministry of the CHH, it is important to understand the context in which the Jaffna Diocese got the vision to walk in the footsteps of our Lord and Saviour. The consequence of the 30 long years of armed violence, the loss, the destruction the displacement and in particular the period before the war ended lead to begin the ministry of rebuilding the community which was and is suffering paved way to form this ministry. 

The Vision

Our aim is to build a just, participatory and sustainable society with the preferential option for the poor and the wounded. The word ‘Holistic’ comes from the word ‘whole’ which means having no part of life, the physical, spiritual, mental, etc to be excluded or left out and not broken or decayed which means no reservation of limitations but completeness. This involves struggle against violence, empowering the oppressed and the marginalized with special focus of the rights and needs of women, children, amputees and the traumatized. Our services are rendered to people irrespective of their religious affiliation caste or creed.

Ministry Among Children

Day Care Centres for preschool children Stationery and Monetary help for orphans Hostel facility for the destitute Nutrition programme for the undernourished The most important work of the Centre for Holistic Healing is among children. Children as they grow up will be...
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First Aid Training for the VTC Students

CCFirst Aid Training for the VTC Students     Aims of First Aid 1.PRESERVE LIFE.                                                            (Look after yourself first then the casualty)                  2.PREVENT FURTHER INJURY        3.PROMOTE RECOVERY   ...
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The Centre for Holistic Healing Extends a Helping Hand to Ambalantota community of ‘Unable to hear’ and ‘Unable to Speak’ (Deaf and Dumb)

What inspires you? There are a lot of things that can provide inspiration – seeing other people accomplish great things, -seeing other people overcome adversity, -hearing inspirational quotes from great people, even the sheer beauty of nature can remind us just how...
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Free Medical Clinic in Korakankattu Area in Kilinochchi.

The Free Medical Clinic Team of the Centre for Holistic Healing conducted a full day medical clinic in the villages of Korakankattu and Murasumoddai areas of Kilinichchi, on Saturday the 23rd of July 2016. Though the villages fall under the district of Kilinochchi,...
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Furthering the Partnership of the Jaffna Diocese with the Bern-Jura Churches

‘Solidarity is Strength’- Palmyrah With much gratitude I like to submit the reflection of my recent visit to Switzerland at the invitation of our partners to attend official meetings and to meet with people and organizations related to the work of trauma and disaster...
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“Creativity takes courage.”

“Creativity takes courage.” ― Henri Matisse The 3rd of May 2016 was a colourful and eventful day at the Center for Holistic Healing Hall, Inuvil.  Ninety four talented young women received their certificates for completion of their training at the vocational training...
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Centre for Holistic Healing on workshop with Healthy Lanka

A two day workshop on ‘Substance dependence and drugs and alcohol awareness’ program by the ‘Centre for Holistic Healing’ was organization with the ‘Healthy Lanka’,  a nonprofit making organization  mainly for the students of the Diploma in Counslling of the CHH and...
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Centre for Holistic Healing – ‘Gitanjali Hostel for Girls”

The 'Centre for Holistic Healing" of the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India helps the girls who are studying at the University of Jaffna, the Fine Arts section at Maruthanarmadam by running a hostel for those who come from other areas of Sri Lanka like...
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The International Women’s day 2016

The International Women's day was celebrated by the 'Centre for Holistic Healing today. It has been an empowerment and awareness program which included speeches, group discussions, outdoor games and cultural programmes. Around 100 young women participated and enjoyed...
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Centre for Holistic Healing Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India (JDCSI) Kanchipuram Kanchipuram is a village in the Kilinochchi district along the Paranthan Poorenyn road but interior to the main road. The ministry of the Centre for Holistic Healing (hereafter...
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